TopRank performs automated “what if” sensitivity analysis on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. You can define any output or “bottom line” cell or cells, and TopRank will automatically find and vary all input cells which affect your output. The end result is identification and ranking of all input factors which affect your bottom line.

Greater Than the Sum of its Parts  Each component of the DecisionTools Suite can perform a powerful analysis. When you combine these products, you can achieve more complete results than any single program can provide.

TopRank then @RISK  TopRank is useful for narrowing down the focus of large models before performing a risk analysis with @RISK. Especially with large models, this saves time and improves accuracy of your @RISK analysis. In addition, TopRank can use @RISK to represent a wider range of values than TopRank’s standard functions.

Watch how TopRank and @RISK work together

TopRank and PrecisionTree  TopRank can also be run with PrecisionTree models to identify the most critical factors in larger, more complex tree models.