Evolver performs optimization in Microsoft Excel using genetic algorithms, linear programming, or the OptQuest solving methods. It is equally suited to finding the best solution to linear problems large and small, or to finding the best overall global solution to nonlinear, complex problems where other solvers fail. Evolver constantly tries new, different solutions to arrive at the best answer possible.

Greater Than the Sum of its Parts  Each component of the DecisionTools Suite can perform a powerful analysis. When you combine these products, you can achieve more complete results than any single program can provide.

Evolver then NeuralTools  Combine Evolver with NeuralTools to optimize complex problems with live neural network prediction. Set Evolver’s target goal as the live predictive output for NeuralTools, and the cells for Evolver to adjust as the new inputs for NeuralTools. Then watch Evolver and NeuralTools work together to predict the optimal solution.

Watch how Evolver and NeuralTools work together