Nyheter i QC

Value Stream Mapping

Define the steps—both value added and non value added—required to produce a product or service that meets customer expectations. Identify Lean Six Sigma improvement opportunities and pinpoint sources of waste. Track important variables such as inventory, takt time, and cycle time, among others. Establish a current state map that leads to an improved future state map. Improve your manufacturing, supply chain, service-related, healthcare, software development, or product development processes.

Custom Data Capabilities

Track your data more effectively by creating your own data categories and fields, managing them from a single location, and sharing them automatically throughout your entire project.   Make tracking data easier for everyone in your company by exporting your data definitions or creating standard templates that contain custom categories and fields.

Manage Data and Projects

Use the updated Project Manager to enter, review and edit all the data associated with your project, including financial data and custom data categories. Any changes you make in the Project Manager area are shared throughout the project.   Right-click on your project name and quickly access Detailed Project Data, Project Summary Data, Financial Data and Capability Metrics.   Easily standardize how variables appear in your Process Maps.

New Templates

Brainstorm more effectively using new templates for DOE Fishbones, 8P’s and 4S’s.   Find and open user-defined templates more easily.   Download additional free templates updated for Quality Companion 3.

Usability Enhancements

Open multiple forms from the “create new form” dialog by shift-clicking on each one.   Create and improve cross-functional Process Maps more easily.   Hide Toolbars when not in use.   Use standard spreadsheet syntax when working in Quality Companion’s financial functions and build formulas with point-and-click ease.   Create better Tables in Forms by spacing rows and columns evenly and setting row and column size.