Features list – Companion

Minitab helps businesses increase efficiency and improve quality through smart data analysis.Minitab’s newly redesigned session window delivers beautiful, presentation-ready output.
Process Improvement. Improved.
Companion gives your team everything it needs to streamline and standardize your process improvement program.
Project data is encrypted in flight, secured at rest.
Secure cloud dashboard always includes the latest features, with no user updates needed.
Global filters allow you to quickly change dashboard views, and the filter selections are clearly displayed.
Use built-in customizable reports, or make your own.
Chart options include Tables, Line charts, Bar charts, Pie charts, Stacked Bar charts, and Charts with targets.
24/7 access.
International number and date displays.
Search by keyword.
Save reports to PDF.
Secure, central project storage can be accessed from anywhere.
Project access is restricted by default. Project owners and administrators set access rights.
Links to projects can be sent by e-mail.
Include/Exclude projects from Dashboard reports.
Folder structure enables organized storage.
Design Center
Data architects customize the Companion subscription to reflect your improvement methodology.
Edit and create Project Templates, Management forms and Tool templates.
Create new data fields or edit existing ones.
Track change sets, so you know what was changed and when.
Zero downtime for users while your data architect is updating project templates, data definitions, and forms.
License Portal
Set roles for all users: Administrator, Data Architect, User, License Administrator.
Desktop app
Just Do It
Kaizen Event
Quality Function Deployment
Process Map
Value Stream Map
Gantt Chart
Idea Map
CT Tree
Monte Carlo Simulation
Parameter Optimization
Sensitivity Analysis
30_60_90 Action Plan
5S Audit
Audit Plan
C&E Matrix
Control Plan
Force Field
Funnel Report
Kanban & Supermarket Sizing
Preventative Maintenance
Project Charter
Project Prioritization Matrix
Project Risk Assessment
Pugh Matrix
Stakeholder Analysis
True North Metrics
Value Stream Map Comparison
Waste Analysis by Operation
Work Element Time Study
Analysis Captures for Minitab Statistical Software tools