IMSL kombinationspaket

Pro Fortran & IMSL i ett kombinationserbjudande

Bundle Options Absoft customers can save money when purchasing Pro Fortran with companion product bundles. Products offered in bundles are complete versions and optimized to work with Absoft products.

Absoft is the only Fortran vendor to offer IMSL bundles for Windows, Mac and Linux! Save money with Absoft  IMSL bundles for Windows, Linux and Mac OS

IMSL is recognized as the ‘Gold Standard’ of numerical libraries. Consisting of over 1000 highly optimized, thoroughly tested special function routines, IMSL libraries are used as the basis of applications on over 70 different platforms worldwide. Available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, IMSL routines can provide almost any special function you require, and by boosting productivity typically pay for themselves by using only two routines.

Special IMSL bundle options are available exclusively to Absoft customers because Absoft is both an IMSL distributor and actively ports IMSL to different platforms. Absoft is the only Fortran vendor offering IMSL bundles for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Further, IMSL prices from Absoft are often hundreds less than competitors and further savings are available with Absoft’s exclusive Pro Fortran + IMSL bundles.

Bundles are available in three configurations: Full IMSL library bundle – These are the complete IMSL versions and are available for Windows Linux or Mac OS in 32-bit or 64-bit configurations. Purchased with Absoft Pro Fortran – Save hundreds of dollars compared to stand-alone pricing or other pricing from other providers. 32 + 64-bit IMSL bundle – Purchase both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of IMSL for the price of a 32-bit version alone. Available for Windows and Mac customers. Absoft Exclusive option. IMSL continuing support bundle – Assure yourself of bug fixes, updates and upgrades to your IMSL library for a 12-month period, for a single low cost fee. Save money on 32-bit or 64-bit versions for Windows, Linux or Mac OS! These IMSL bundle SAVINGS are available ONLY to Absoft Pro Fortran customers!