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Absoft Pro Fortran för Windows

Absoft Pro Fortran is the most complete Fortran solution available for Windows – AND it generates faster code! Absoft’s Pro Fortran’s Tool Suite automates building extremely fast parallel code. Compiler features include: APO, AVX, IPO and PGFDO optimizers, auto vectorization, exclusive Dynamic AP load balancing technology, OpenMP 3.0 support and F2008 extensions. Link and debug compatible with Microsoft C/C++, which is supported as a plug in for mixed language development.

The IDE is the only commercial Fortran/C++ development environment designed by Fortran experts. It includes: an SMP/Vector graphical code analyzer, Fx3 graphical debugger, application framework, SMP and MPI control features, optimized HPC Scientific and Engineering library and 2D/3D graphics and HDF visualization libraries. GPU support is available via nVidia’s CUDA libraries.

All Pro Fortran products include premier technical support directly from Absoft, Quick Fixes and Service Packs. IMSL’s highly optimized numerical and statistical libraries (1000+ routines) are a low cost bundle option. Pro Fortran is compatible with Win2K – Windows8, including Server HPC 2008. Pro

Fortran is a complete solution, nothing else to buy or learn!


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