Komma igång snabbt – Minitab 17

Quick Start –  filmer från Minitab se nedan för att få tips och inspiration och snabbt komma igång.

Att analysera data kan vara riskfullt, speciellt om du inte är en expert på statistik. Valde du rätt analysverktyg? Tolkade du resultatet rätt? Med assistenten kan du eliminera osäkerheten och dessa rädslor. Assistenten guidar dig genom analysen så att du kan känna dig helt lugnt och säker. 

Assistenten är lätt att följa och är uppbyggd som ett visuellt beslutsträd. Både experter och mindre erfarna kan dela sina resultat med mottagare oavsett deras statistiska bakgrund.

Område: Graphical Analysis and Hypothesis Tests
Scenario: -Would you survive the Titanic?
It happened more than 100 years ago, but the sinking of the Titanic still captures our attention. Less than half of the passengers survived her doomed maiden voyage—but the odds of surviving varied by gender and class.

If you were a passenger, would you survive?

Område: Time Series Anaylysis & ANOVA
Scenario: -Can you rely on the Weather Forecast?
People consult weather forecasts to determine their activities, what to wear, or what to pack for a trip. But are these predictions trustworthy, or just a lot of hot air? You can use the Assistant in Minitab Statistical Software to find out.

Område; Graphical analysis Before / After Control Charts
Scenario: -Can you bike to work on time?
Riding his bike to work instead of driving seemed like a no-brainer—Joel got more exercise, saved money on gas, and usually even made it to the office a few minutes early. But after six months, his boss called him in. Over the past few weeks, the boss warned, Joel had not only failed to arrive early, but frequently arrived late.

Does the evidence confirm or refute Joel’s punctuality? Let’s find out with the Assistant in Minitab Statistical Software.

Område; Attribute Agreement Analysis
Scenario: -Is the soup too spicy?
Follow along as Mama Bear uses Minitab Statistical Software to set up, collect, and analyze the data she hopes will identify why the Bear household is disagreeing so frequently.