Minitab 17



Minitab 17 har nya och förbättrade statistiska funktioner och andra förbättringar som ger dig en bättre bild av dina processer. Med din data som underlag kan du med hjälp av Minitab dra slutsatser och fatta beslut som förbättrar och höjer kvaliteten på dina processer.

Nyheter är bland annat;

• The Assistant now includes design of experiments (DOE) and multiple regression. Like all Assistant features, these new tools lead you through your entire analysis and help you interpret and present your results. The Assistant also offers improved Graphical Analysis.

• New regression, binary logistic regression and general linear model (GLM) menus offer easier model specification, automatic model selection to instantly identify significant factors, response optimizer, and more.

• DOE improvements include automatic model selection for factorial and response surface designs, response optimizer for general factorial designs, and categorical variables for response surface designs.

• Stability studies to analyze the stability of a pharmaceutical product over time and determine the shelf life (e.g. Y=drug concentration, X=time).

• Equivalence tests to determine if mean(s) are similar enough to be considered equivalent; to determine that there is no practical difference.

• Poisson Regression to model count data, such as the number of machine failures.

• Outlier tests, including Grubbs’ and Dixon’s tests, to identify an outlier in a dataset.

• Bubble plots for graphing 3 (or more) variables in a 2-dimensional space. Plot Y versus X with bubble size to represent a third variable.

• Newly styled graphics to make your presentations look even better.


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